The Animals

Our Sheep

We have a flock of Shetland ewes that we are raising mainly for fiber, but also for breeding stock and dairy. We just had our 2021 lambs! If you are interested in starting or expanding your own flock, please check out our Available Animals page.

One reason we chose Shetland sheep is because they are on The Livestock Conservancy's conservation priority list of heritage breeds, in addition to their smaller size and wide range of colors! We are a provider for the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em (SE2SE) initiative of The Livestock Conservancy to promote the use of wool from rare sheep breeds on the Conservation Priority List.

Our sheep all have names and unique personalities! We love getting to know each of them personally. We have some lambs available to new homes! Check out the Available Animals page for details.

Our Cows

We have three mini Irish Jersey cows named Lily (mama cow), Milkshake (calf born Mar 2020), and the newest addition Waffle (calf born Feb. 2021)!

In our efforts towards sustainability and self-sufficiency, Lily provides us (and Waffle!) with just enough milk for the two of us, and sometimes enough to share!

Our Donkey

We have a jennet (female) donkey named Clover, who is adorable, friendly, and helps us take care of our sheep! She is a big fan of attention from anyone who will pet her. She loves to follow us around like a little shadow and is always curious about what we're doing!

We have both loved equines since childhood and are excited to finally have one of our own!