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Falcon is a 2021 ram lamb born on May 8th. His dam is our only black sheep, Pumpernickel, and his sire is a lovely black ram from Maybelle Farm, Zorro.

Falcon is solid, jet black, has nice black horns coming in well, and a winning personality! Between his color, his fine fleece genes, and his demeaner, he would make a great breeding ram and give you beautiful fleeces as well.

Pedigree Information:

  • Pumpernickel's dam & Pumpernickel's sire

  • Maybelle Farm Zorro

Falcon (left) at 3 days old



Falcon (6/29)


Fjord is a 2021 ram lamb born on May 9th. His dam is our light brown colored (or musket) ewe Sienna, and his sire is Zorro of Maybelle Farm.

Fjord is chocolate brown with white spots on his head, strong horns coming in, and a lovely personality. We think he will be a nice deep chocolate brown (or moorit). His looks, personality, and fleece would make him a great breeding ram and fiber sheep!

Pedigree Information:

Fjord (5/11)



Fjord (6/29)


Farley is a 2021 ram lamb (wether) born on May 9th. His dam is our (moorit smirslet) ewe Pistachio, and his sire is Peyton of Wing & a Prayer Farm.

Farley is jet black with a few white spots on his head. He is a little shy, but very curious and has been coming around to being handled. Because his horn quality and conformation didn't seem to be breeding quality, we wethered (castrated) him. He has soft, crimpy, beautiful black fleece and would make a great addition to your fiber flock. He could also be a ram companion who offers quality fleeces in addition! We would like him to go to a home where he will be valued for his fiber and live a long life.

Pedigree Information:

Farley at 2 days old



Farley (6/29)