Fern River Farm

Who We Are

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Let us introduce ourselves!

Christine and Pat here -- co-owners of Fern River Farm! We started daydreaming about moving (back) to New England and starting a farm at the beginning of our relationship 4 years ago. But our daydreaming soon turned into planning, and our plan has finally become a reality! We recently relocated to a farmhouse on 22 acres in Whitingham, Vermont and have started putting the wheels in motion for our farm!

We plan to grow hops and raise sheep for wool as our main harvests. Follow our farm journey as we start out! We also have crafting hobbies -- woodworking for Pat and throwing pottery for Christine! We hope to offer our farmed and handmade goods to the local community!

Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @fernriverfarm to see our progress!